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    Solving Problems Dynamically to Create Star Results      


    We've all heard the phrase, "it's not a problem, it's an opportunity", more often than not from someone who wants the problem solved.  That can be okay in theory, but how do we embrace the problem and turn it into an opportunity to create star results in reality? 

    This presentation looks at how the process used by the best problem-solvers can be decoded into a repeatable set of actions that can used by all of us.  You'll hear about the tools, the process and the mindset that can truly turn a 'problem into an opportunity'. 

    Sally takes the audience through examples of dynamic problem solving using others’ and her own experience in literally saving her son's life and changing the way the medical and pharmaceutical community approached product labelling. 

    You'll laugh, learn, and share Sally's frustration, fortitude and finally triumph in the solution to helping her son be a regular, healthy kid.  She'll also share how the same techniques can be used to create star results in your business and life.  Problems...they ARE the new black.


    • Use the 5A system to solve problems dynamically

    Dynamic problem solving involves activating the 5 A’s- Attitude, ACT TODAY, Accountability, Achievement and Advancement. (ACT TODAY is an acronym for the process of dynamic problem solving)

    • Describe the benefits of solving problems dynamically

    Dynamic problem solving increases workplace morale, productivity, performance and health and wellness

    • Learn how dynamic problem solving can enhance personal and professional life

    Dynamic problem solving empowers individuals, working teams, and businesses to create optimum outcomes

    • Be inspired to implement elements of dynamic problem solving in the workplace

    Inspiration is a change agent

    • Be motivated to adopt a positive mindset towards problems

    Understand how a problem can be an opportunity to learn, grow, innovate and advance.

    • Identify opportunities to capitalise on a problem by creative innovative outcomes

    Improvement, expansion and evolution are true by-products of facing and solving a problem

    Sally can always tailor her presentation to suit your needs.

    Some of her past clients include:

    Domain South Valley
    The Gordon Institute
    Gateways Support Services
    Geelong Regional Library Corporation
    Coeliac Victoria and Tasmania Inc.
    Coeliac Research Fund