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    To discuss corporate coaching packages please contact Sally on

     0416 158 118

    Blockbuster Corporate Coaching advances exceptional leadership outcomes in the corporate world: 

    • Better understand your own motivations, needs and behaviours and use these to effect the greatest positive impact
    • Improve and enhance your interpersonal communication
    • Learn to influence your emotional and psychological states
    • Replace negative behaviours and habits with more positive, productive ones
    • Become a dynamic problem solver in the workplace
    • Learn the value of attentive listening
    • Transform your mindset around problems
    • Better understand the needs, motivations and behaviours of your staff
    • Harness the powerful impact you have on others to promote optimum results

    Blockbuster Corporate Coaching combines principles from the following Disciplines:

    Positive Psychology
    Positive Psychology is a strengths-based psychology.
    It is founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives and develop their full potential.

    Professional Life Coaching
    Professional Life Coaching is a strategic goal-based approach to success. The process involves evaluating the present, identifying goals for the future and promoting the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to achieve these goals.

    Adult Training
    Adult Training is based on a set of learning beliefs:

    • There must be a desire to learn
    • There must be a need to learn
    • Learning occurs in the ‘doing’
    • Learning opportunities must be realistic
    • Previous experience affects learning ability
    • A variety of training methods and techniques promote optimum learning opportunities
    • Adult learners want esteemed guidance and support

    Education is a model of learning founded on respect, truth, democracy, fairness and well-being. Education aims to foster learning by maximizing the physical learning environment.

    Sociology is the “study of human society.” It examines the ways in which social structure (groups, organizations, communities) and social institutions (economic, political, or religious) affect human attitudes, actions, and opportunities.