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    How serious are you about increasing your business turnover, market share and profit? The solution to any business challenge hinges on the strength of your interpersonal skills – a cluster of skills including problem solving, decision making, stress management and communication. There is overwhelming evidence to suggest that employees, managers and leaders with strong interpersonal skills drive professional success. What results are YOU missing out on?

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    Sally Learey is a problem solving strategist and communication skills expert. She is passionate about creating a corporate culture that maximizes results. By working with Sally, you pick up tools and processes to develop strong interpersonal skills to drive effective results.

    Sally used these same tools and processes to literally save her son’s life and then to increase his quality of life exponentially.

    Sally is a refreshingly authentic, captivating keynote speaker whose presentations will add value to your corporation.

    Engage Sally to deliver one of her energetic, content-rich, thought-provoking presentations. She is the perfect choice to educate, entertain, empower and inspire your team to become a blockbuster corporation.

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    Sally's key messages are designed around a fundamental set of principles;

    The 3 ‘I’s.

    Immediate:  Information and strategies must be immediately actionable and beneficial for participants to obtain buy-in.

    Incorporable:  Skills, strategies, tools and techniques should be user friendly and able to be easily incorporated into participants’ current workplace/corporate environment. Information needs to be transferable and deemed relevant both now and in the future.

    Impactful:  Over time, results or outcomes need to positively benefit participants’ and the organisations in which they work. Such results need to be measurable and show improvement across targeted areas.

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